Using TCL on Cisco IOS

Count the number of IP addresses found in a command output:

#Create regex for a single octet
set OCTET_PAT {(\d|[1-9]\d|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])} 

#Create regex pattern for a full ip address
set IP_PAT "[join [list $OCTET_PAT $OCTET_PAT $OCTET_PAT $OCTET_PAT] {.}]" 

#Execute a command and look for regex matches and get count (-all)
set num_ospf_nbrs [regexp -all  -nocase  -line $IP_PAT [ exec "sho ipv6 ospf neigh | ex OSPF"] all ]

puts "Number of ipv6 ospf neighbors: $num_ospf_nbrs"
Tagged as cisco , ios tcl
Written by Andrew Konkol on September 12th, 2013


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