Indexing Multi-value fields from django-tagging in Haystack

Enabling tagging on models is easy when you use django-tagging. However, I also have a search feature which is powered by Haystack and Whoosh. I wanted to be able to search for objects by the tags that are associated with them. You need to use the following in your haystack SearchIndex model:

tags = indexes.MultiValueField(indexed=True, stored=True)

Full Example


from django.db import models,
from tagging.fields import TagField
class Template(models.Model):
        name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
        pub_date = models.DateTimeField(editable=False, blank=True)
        description = models.TextField(blank=True)
        slug = models.SlugField(unique=True,editable=False,blank=True,null=True)
        tags = TagField()


import datetime
from haystack import indexes
from generator.models import Template

class TemplateIndex(indexes.RealTimeSearchIndex):
    text = indexes.CharField(document=True, use_template=True)
    name = indexes.CharField(model_attr='name')
    description = indexes.CharField(model_attr='description')
    pub_date = indexes.DateTimeField(model_attr='pub_date')
    tags = indexes.MultiValueField(indexed=True, stored=True)

    def get_model(self):
        return Template

    def index_queryset(self):
        """Used when the entire index for model is updated."""
        return self.get_model().objects.filter(

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Written by Andrew Konkol on July 22nd, 2011


what do you do to display those tags in the template? Are you using a {% for a in result.object.tags %}{{ a.tag}} {% endfor %} iteration ? I have a similar thing on my project and I got stuck.

July 29, 2011
geo: a section of my /templates/search/search.html looks like this: {% for result in page.object_list %} {{}} {{result.object.description|truncatewords:30}} tags: {{result.object.tags}} {% empty %} No results found. {% endfor %}

Andrew Konkol
July 30, 2011
Do you include the tags in your index template as well?

November 28, 2012
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