Generate IP Addresses and valid CIDR notations

I needed to test some networking tools I've been developing, and to do that I needed IP addresses. To get IP addresses I wrote this snippet.


import random
def generate_ip():
   ip_class = random.choice(CLASSES)

   if ip_class == "A":
        first_octet = random.randint(1,126)

   if ip_class == "B":
        first_octet = random.randint(128,191)

   if ip_class == "C":
        first_octet = random.randint(192,223)

   second_octet = random.randint(0,254)
   third_octet = random.randint(0,254)
   fourth_octet = random.randint(0,254)
   return "%i.%i.%i.%i" %(first_octet,second_octet,third_octet,fourth_octet)

I also needed to generate random valid slash notations for a given ip:

def generate_cidr(network_id):
   first_octet = int(str(network_id).split(".")[0])

   if first_octet <= 126 and first_octet >= 1:
      cidr_bits =  random.randint(8,30)

   if first_octet >=127 and first_octet <= 191:
      cidr_bits =  random.randint(16,30)

   if first_octet >=192 and first_octet <= 223:
      cidr_bits =  random.randint(24,30)

   return cidr_bits
Tagged as cidr , IP python
Written by Andrew Konkol on October 22nd, 2013


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