Cold Brew Fridge Coffee Bucket

I've been expierementing with different brewing vessels and I decided to make my own.  I used spare parts I had from beer brewing.


Bill of Materials:

Item Source Price
2 Gallon Food Grade Bucket  Brew Camp  $5.00
Bottling spigot  Brew Camp  $3.00
Fine mesh steeping bag  Brew Camp  $4.60
Step bit  NewEgg  N/A

Step one: Drill out 1" hole as close to the bottom of the bucket as possible keeping enough room for the spigot nut to have clearance.

Step two: Remove one rubber gasket from spigot nipple, slide spigot assembly into 1" hole, slide rubber gasket over the nipple and screw on the nylon nut over the nipple until hand tight

Step three: Drill small hole in lid to allow for ventilation while using spigot

Step four: Put grounds in nylon bag and tie tight, place bag in bucket, add water, let sit overnight in fridge.

Ste five: Turn spigot downward and turn handle to pour.

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Written by Andrew Konkol on August 25th, 2013


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